Great Great Grandson of International Supreme Champion and English National Champion ##Davy ISDS 131049

Being started on stock in Wales, Fall 2016

Great Great Grandson of Welsh National Champion and Welsh Driving Champion ##Ben ISDS 129820


Owned by Sharon Parker, 

New Brunswick, Canada

Bloodline of Champions


Great Grandson of International Supreme Champion and World Champion ##Roy ISDS 266416

Grandson of International Supreme Champion and World Champion ##Bob ISDS 224454 and

Great Grandson of Two-time International Supreme Champion and Two-time Welsh National Champion ##Roy ISDS 200199

Groesfaen Rob

Bloodline of Champions 

Crosswood Bob is the: 

Grandson of ## Bob, ISDS 224454, who is the  World Sheepdog Trials Champion - 2002,  Int. Supreme Champion - 2000,  Reserve Welsh Champion - 2000, 2004,  Int. Farmers Champion - 2000 "Nephew" of ## Roy, ISDS 26641, Int. Supreme Champion - 2007 Great-Grandson of ## Roy, ISDS 200199, ​Int. Supreme Champion - 1999 Welsh Champion - 1999, 2000 GGreat-grandson of ## Davy, ISDS 131049  ​ Int. Supreme Champion - 1987 GGreat-Grandson of # Ben, ISDS 12982

British National Champion 

Son of International Supreme Champion and Welsh National Champion ##Llangwm Cap, ISDS 315270

ABC 454060 /ISDS 340665 Registered,

DNA Normal/Clear entire panel

OFA hip prelim Good

We are extremely grateful to Aled Owen for giving us the opportunity to have this dog out of his 2015 International Supreme Champion Cap. Rob's full name means, "The Stone Cross, Bright and Shining." He is started well on sheep and has a delightful personality. 

Crosswood Bob

ABC 386914

OFA "Good", CEA DNA Clear/Carrier

Bob is a prime example of what great genetics can produce. From his gorgeous, eye catching markings, to the way he carries himself, to his sweet nature and smoothness on stock, he is wonderful.  His affectionate nature and self control make him easy to handle on stock and a heart-melter off them. He is gentle and loving but full of playful energy. His personality is a perfect combination of endearing loyalty and Border Collie spunk.

He is out of my Imported Dan of Aled Owen in Wales.