Crosswood Bob and Skye Blue's

pups are born!

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Coming from only the purest and finest of bloodlines, we have carefully selected which dogs we breed. We are intentional with our breeding practices, producing only a few litters a year and breeding only dogs who are sound and have natural working ability. Before our dogs are bred, their hips are examined by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals and certified free of hip dysplasia. We also breed only dogs whose DNA match-up guarantees their offspring to be free of Collie Eye Anomaly. Our pups are well socialized, being raised with our children and strangers, exposed to livestock, cats, and other dogs.
For over a decade, we have been striving to produce the true Border Collie - one with a stable personality, intelligent mind, and the ability to excel on the working farm, in trial competitions, or as active family pets - all while maintaining the health, loyalty and gentleness that makes this breed a beloved companion.

Superb Border Collies don't just happen. It takes intentional screening and breeding to produce a quality working companion. 


Breeding & Raising Border Collies

Working and companion dogs for the glory of God.